white is the new black

4 April 2003

i have been so sick of the old black design for ages and this new white design has been knocking about my hard drive for a couple of months now, i’m not entirely happy with it but it does my eyes in less than the old version (i must be getting old…). the only way to persuade myself to get it 100% finished is to put it up and work on it live. please wear hard hats in this area for a couple of hours…

i think that’s about it for now, everything should be correct, or at least not broken, nothing is quite how i want it and many bits of the site are still in the old black design and will get swizzled to white just as soon as i’ve found one of those round tuits that are lying about somewhere in these parts.

the front page has a new dynamic look and is a good place to start if you want more than just the weblog. i feel much happier about adding new stuff into my maze of php now it feels less claustrophobic on the outside (the inside is even more tangled but i guess that’s just the way i enjoy it.)

if anything is unusable to you let me know, my testing consisted of mozilla1.3/linux, ie5.5/win95, ns4.7/win95 and ie6/winxp and they were all passably usable. that’s as much testing as i can do without going downstairs so it’ll have to do. (some things look a bit odd on netscape4 but it all works and if you haven’t found a better browser than netscape4 yet it’s your problem.)