March Baking

2 April 2013

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This is the round up of my baking endeavours for March. The aim is to reach 52 during 2013.

  • Spiral Sandwich BiscuitsSpiral Sandwich Biscuits

These were more or less made up as I went along to use up the left over butter cream from Miranda’s birthday cake. They could have done with being thinner so they could be eaten without having to pull the two halves apart.

  • Tea LoafTea Loaf

We are all fans of our rich fruit Christmas cake here. I’m looking for a more everyday fruit cake recipe to make regularly. This almost fat free cake has the fruit soaked in tea rather than brandy and it was very nice, though I did use regular self raising flour rather than the wholemeal suggested in the recipe.

  • Veggie Sausage PastyVeggie Sausage Pasty

I think these were my best pasties yet. The pastry was lovely and they are hugely filling. I was planning to make some kind of pie thing with similar ingredients, but frankly pasties are better than pies.

  • Marvellous MacaroonsMacaroons

Definitely the star bake of the month! I made vanilla, lemon, pistachio and chocolate. The chocolate were harder to put together than the others, replacing some of the ground almonds with cocoa seemed to make them stick to the baking trays more. I think I’ll stick to lemon and pistachio in future. (She says like she’s going to make them again…) I have no idea how they get the colours so saturated in the recipe, and I don’t think much of the buttercream recipe they give either (too much butter, not enough sugar, I added more sugar and ended up with gallons of buttercream).

  • Asparagus Quiche

Asparagus Quiche

I have a new flan tin for quiches. And very happy it, and the quiche, make me too.

That makes 16/52. I also had one disaster where my breakfast pastry dough went horribly wrong in the breadmaker overnight as I’d read the recipe wrong and added far too much butter to it. I will try that again sometime! I have to go and eat macaroons now… hard life.