Balancing Act

by Joanna Trollope

Sunday, April 13, 2014

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I thought this was pretty decent. Revolving around a business woman, who runs a thinly veiled version of Emma Bridgewater pottery (at least that was what it seemed like to me) with her three grown up daughters. It ponders on the balancing acts of business life and family life; the balance of men and women’s roles in relationships; parent and child relationships too. I did keep muddling up two of the daughters, admittedly they were both career minded, but one had children and the other didn’t so that seemed a bit of a narrative problem at times. Joanna Trollope always writes good children, there were some very believable toddlers here, but I liked the men a lot in this book too which I’ve thought was a weaker point before. Writing house-husbands is probably better territory than career-men, I certainly liked them anyway. By the end of the book I really wanted to stay with the characters and find out what happened next.