These are the books I've read by Ann Cleeves.

The Heron's Cry

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Read April 2023

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A Bird In The Hand (George & Molly Palmer-Jones, #1)

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Read April 2022

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The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)

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Read January 2021

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Thin Air (Shetland Island, #6)

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Read January 2020

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Dead Water (Shetland, #5)

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Read December 2014

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The Glass Room

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Read February 2013

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Blue Lightning

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Read February 2012

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Red Bones (Shetland Quartet #3)

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Read January 2012

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White Nights (Shetland Quartet #2)

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Read November 2011

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Raven Black

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Read October 2011

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Sorry, sometimes the images can be really weird showing collections or books with similar titles. That's because I auto grabbed a lot of them and haven't double checked them yet! I'll get there.