yearly book update

3 January 2005

update to last year’s book roundup post:

  • in 2004 i read 28 books i bought in 2004.
  • in 2004 i read 6 books i bought in 2003.
  • in 2004 i read 3 books i bought in 2002.
  • in 2004 i read 1 books i bought in 2001.
  • in 2004 i read 3 books i bought in 2000.
  • in 2004 i read 24 books i hadn’t bought at all.

there’s only 7 books left lying about that i bought in 2004 and haven’t read yet, the same number that i had left over at the end of 2003. i bought way less books in 2004 though, just 35 of them.

reading resolutions for last year (read books as i buy them, borrow more books) have been kept to pretty much. this year my resolution is simply to keep reading while the world goes crazy around me, i think that should prove enough of a challenge for now.