Veloviewer, Huddersfield Final Edition

22 November 2023

My bike in with lots of green grass, and a stone wall containing a fairy door

I discovered while writing this that I’d barely taken any photos of my bike rides in the last months in Huddersfield but the one at the top is from a ride I took to investigate what was behind the fairy door in the wall. I’d previously taken a photo of it on a walk and didn’t notice the hinges until I got home so going back to peek inside was on my list of ‘stuff I need to do before I move away’.

The pic above is how my collection of VeloViewer kilometre(ish) squares around Huddersfield looked when I last posted about a year ago. And the one below is how it looks now.

Satellite map of the area around Huddersfield with my bike rides mapped on it

I’ll grant you that there’s not a great deal to differentiate the two pics, it’s a terrible game of spot the difference, but I just wanted to post an update to close the chapter. We’ve moved house away from Yorkshire and I’m unlikely to add much to this image in the near future.

My final score for Huddersfield was a 12x12 square, having filled in three squares that were missing on the eastern side of the blue outlined rectangle in the older image. I’m pleased to leave the stats on an actual square rather than several smaller ones, though I kind of wish I’d had the time and energy to join the loops up to the main block.

And now I have the challenge of trying to make just as large a square around my new house! I’ll definitely provide an update on how that’s going in the coming weeks.