things to do whilst you wait for completion<sup>*</sup>

18 December 2002

  1. play games with regular expressions and realise you don’t know nearly as much about them as you think because you use practically the same ones all the time.

[found via as above]

  1. spend so much time on tenterhooks that you finally get around to finding out what they are. the answer is unsurprisingly that they are the hooks on a tenter. i am stretched, suspended but not drying out yet…

  2. try and figure out how to make dean allen’s excellent google hilite tool work alongside gzip compression of your webpages. still working on that.

  • bizarre bit of english legal stuff that means the bit where you actually get to move into your new house having supposedly sorted out all the details weeks ago. currently held up for reasons including, but not limited to, “we can’t complete on thursday because the office is shut all afternoon for the christmas party”. this was from the people-we’re-buying-from’s solicitors who were the ones pushing for completion on thursday rather than friday…