some things

6 December 2004

things i’ve done lately that haven’t involved much web stuff:

  • sold a house (i hope) (after 3 months on the market to the second viewer, who actually found the house on the web from cyprus) (at least it justified our decision to go with the more expensive estate agent with a better website)

  • bought a house (i hope) (not much to do with the web because all the local estate agents websites in the area we’re buying in are useless)

  • got caught up doing the new su doku puzzles in the times (they get harder through the week so they’re boooor-ring on mondays once you’ve figured them out and by friday you’re tearing your hair out but it’s much more satisfying)

  • lots of knitting (but nothing finished, this may be remedied soon)

  • found a solicitor for conveyancing who has entered the 21st century (“here’s your online account to track your house purchase and sale” - the last time we moved our solicitor was deeply suspicious of these new fangled telephone things. he was, oh, mid-thirties tops.)

  • browsed the new issue of knitty (and fallen in love with the zip up hooded jacket, what a surprise. how many zip up knitted jackets does one woman need? answers in less than 3 figures not accepted.)

  • thought everybody elses accessoried elephants were delightful. (mine never got off the ground, and i think i’m giving december’s ‘holiday hang-ups’ a miss too, unless unavoidable inspiration strikes.)

plus some more that i can’t think of at the mo. at least it’s not so quiet here now!