Reading Roundup

8 January 2007

Another year, another roundup.

In 2006 I read 65 books, more than in 2005, and curiously exactly the same number as in 2004.

  • I read 27 books bought in 2006.
  • I read 2 books bought in 2003
  • I read 2 books bought in 2000
  • I read 34 books I didn’t buy at all

Hurray for the library.

I only have two books outstanding of the 30 that I bought in 2006 and haven’t yet read. One of those I’ve found to be inpenetrable so far (bought in February), the other was only bought on New Year’s Eve and I’ve already read the other book I bought on the same day!

I think I only read 5 non fiction books (7%) when I said last year I’d like to read more. Well I was wrong, I’m quite happy with fiction! I read enough non fiction in other places than books.

No real reading resolutions this year, the same again please!