putting my money where my mouth is

1 August 2002

i’m looking at new bank accounts and it’s not this reason that compelling me into action:

For someone with an average salary of £1,500 a month, [the consumer’s association] estimates that £20 a year could be saved by moving to an account with 3% interest. twenty quid a year isn’t enough to put myself through the hassle (and i’m 100% certain that it would be a hassle no matter how easy any bank says it is to switch to them).

what’s bugging me is that i have to keep a copy of netscape 4 around to access my nat west account as they are only going to support mozilla “as soon as we are able” and have been claiming to be “testing netscape 6” for at least a year now. which is utterly useless. i have accounts of one sort or another with the coop bank, cahoot, egg and the newcastle that are all accessible from the browser of my choice. i think it’s time to vote with my feet on natwest’s lack of mozilla support too.