parcel farce

28 February 2002

i haven’t ranted about parcel delivery companies for a while. this is because i’ve been holding my tongue (or is it fingers?) rather than because i’ve had no cause to rant. i’m still convinced that there is a business to be made out of circumventing them. on the bright side i’ve noticed a few websites offering to deliver after 5pm for a surcharge lately. this is good.

and is parcel tracking anything but a placebo to make you feel in control of the system? it’s fun to know my goods are on the dublin to holyhead ferry but it would be a damn site more useful to be given some way to interact with the system. i’d like to specify preferred timeslots for delivery and tell the delivery people when to not even bother coming round because i won’t be here. merely telling me which day a delivery will be made on isn’t good enough.