Overhaul Time!

16 July 2012

I’m having a mini-overhaul of my website. I’m not going to pretend it’s the start of regular posting but it will hopefully result in some of the things I do/say/notice elsewhere on the web ending up here more often so I don’t feel anything I post is a huge breaking of the silence!

  • My books I’ve read are once again updating in posts of their own, pulled in from my goodreads account. I was never happy with the goodreads auto-posting format. A few scripts and a lot of fiddling later I think I have a solution.

  • My tumblr blog is a neat and easy way to make small posts and they are being pulled into this site too again now.

  • Anything I star on either googlereader or twitter - both good sources of interesting and/or timewasting links - should also appear as a mini post here as well.

I have some other ideas - mostly for auto-updates from other sources, but I’m happy with what I’ve done so far, I feel like my little corner of the web is back in order again.