other ways to mark the passage of time

28 October 2003

i just put some new memory in my computer, it’s still about half as clunky as hell. it now has 24 576 times as much memory as my first computer did.

[actually, add another factor of 32, i’d forgotten my zeroth computer, i think it got returned to the shop though so i’ll ignore it.]

i think we got the bbc b for christmas nearly twenty years ago, that means my computer memory has doubled every 16.5 months which is pretty bang on with moore’s law i think. (even though moore’s law is on about something else, transistors on circuit boards doubling in number every 18 months i think.)

of course my memory trebled just today, until this morning my memory had only doubled every 18.6 months, damn for discovering the figures made a better story before the upgrade after the fact!