no steam engines

25 January 2005

things we can’t do in our new house, from the restrictive covenants included in the land registry entry.

neither the land nor any dwellinghouse or building erected thereon …shall be used for the sale of ale beer wine or spirits or other intoxicating liquors nor for a butchers slaughter house fried fish shop or livery stable nor for any trade or business in which a steam engine is required nor for any trade or business operation or manufacture whereby any smell or inconvenience may be heard smelt or perceived upon any adjoining premises nor for the keeping of poultry nor for any purpose which shall become a nuisance or annoyance…

think i’m ok to keep running my internet business from home? there are not many steam engines involved in running websites after all.

these restrictions date from either 1900 or 1911 when the land was sold off from the neighbouring farm, i can’t understand the legal language well enough to figure out which date refers to which bit.