mobile history

19 June 2004

a new service for the kind of person who runs headlong across several carriageways of traffic on spotting blue plaques and then wants to know more about the places and people on the plaque than fits into the two lines of text on the plaque (that’ll be me then) (also hello mum!):

Over the summer, HandHeld History is launching a new service with English Heritage bringing on the spot information about London’s Blue Plaques direct to your mobile phone.

glad to see it’s wap as well as text messages and voice. not so glad to see it just seems to be just london at the moment. also it looks a bit on the expensive side. it’s £1.50 a day or if you join up now as a ‘founder member’ you get full access for £6 until the end of the year but you still find yourself paying mobile phone charges on top of that. that’s ok for the wap stuff (which i already include in my mobile phone package) but the star offering looks to be the guided tours - i expect the charges for half an hour on an 0901 number would tot up a bit fast and a bit high.