May Baking

20 June 2013

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Oops, I almost forgot to post an update for May’s baking. The aim is to reach 52 during 2013.

  • Marmalade SconeMarmalade Scones

These were based on the idea from here, though I put a lot more marmalade in as I made tons earlier in the year that is too thick to spread and needs using up in something.

  • Lemon BarsLemon Bars

I am never any good at traybakes - I always seem to end up with stuff that won’t cut up nicely. I followed the Hummingbird bakery cookbook to the letter here and happily these worked out.

  • Spinach, Feta & Olive QuicheSpinach, Feta & Olive Quiche

A bigger than usual quiche as we had family staying. Based on our favourite of the Co-op’s ready made quiches.

  • Everyday Fruit CakeEveryday Fruit Cake

I didn’t think this one was as nice as the Tea Loaf I made earlier in the year. That didn’t stop me eating it though obviously!

  • Tropical Fruit Cake

Tropical Fruit Cake

From the current free mag they are giving out in the Co-op. Oh, also online. Mine is lemon instead of lime as my fruit bowl was heavy on lemons and light on limes. Really far too big for a family of three! Especially as with the fresh fruit it really needed eating up quickly.

That makes 27/52. I also made a few batches of biscuits but they were not exciting or original enough to get their photos taken.