i've been publishing my ...

12 January 2001

i’ve been publishing my personal site on the web through a variety of guises since the middle of 1994, and i’ve always ended up unhappy with my own production after a little while. i always have great plans, and i usually think i can achieve more than i can manage.

i always try to write a book. to say who and what and where and how i am. and it gets outdated. updating the static is not a natural activity to me; i don’t want to tinker with what i said before to make it closer to what i think now. i can only know what i think now, and talking in the present tense makes more sense to me. it’s like i’m driving down a road and sometimes i correct the course or take a detour, but i don’t want to take the whole route map and update it everytime, i just want to record what’s in the here and now.

it’s not that i’m vain or self centred enough to think that anyone is interested. i like the act of taking the unformed thought and moulding from it a sentence. i enjoy the process of thinking, i like to see my ideas form in pixels of light on the screen, i like to record things, for me, like a photo album, like a trail of memories.

so this is my latest concept of web record. snapshots of thought. nothing to go back and edit, no cast members to expunge or preferences to change.

or at least that’s how i think it’ll work today ;-)