i just saw a ...

2 November 2001

i just saw a banner advert that completely threw me.

the animated gif came up saying “PHP”.

it’s a scripting language i use and love so i watched on to see what it would say next.

”it’s ASP with b*lls”

ASP with bills? like you have to pay for php and you don’t have to pay for asp? php’s free for chrissakes! php’s nice! php’s not microsoft! php’s lovely! php works on a whole raftload of operating systems. why is someone advertising that php involves bills! you’ll have no bills to pay if you use php! i was practically writing to the editor to complain.

then the ad carried on, the next frame of the gif:

“it’s ASP with b*lls and whistles”

oh. not bills. bells.

i guess i was supposed to read “b*lls” as “balls”. even if i was wanting some php training i wouldn’t buy it off those advertisers. bills! tch! i’m still seething now.