Gender Non-Difference Shock

25 October 2009

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[caption id=“attachment_90004490” align=“aligncenter” width=“700” caption=“Boys & Girls”]Boys & Girls[/caption]

This amused me no end. I clicked through to the “Stocking Filler” section of the Lego shop. And found one of those annoying “boys would like these stereotypical items and girls would like these stereotypical items” splits. Except in this case it seems girls and boys both like Lego. “Well, duh!” is about the most coherent analysis I can come up with.

To be fair once you clicked through to the gender biased sections they made it clear that boys must like Lego more than girls (not in this house) and that girls probably like pink stuff (again, not in this house) but the initial “let’s all get Lego animals and play games!” bit is pretty good all the same.