cables. me and ...

30 March 2001

cables. me and cables are not the best of friends at present. this is my new printer. damned snazzy looking if you ask me. and i can only tell you how it looks because they didn’t give me a cable to connect it to the computer with. i know it’s parallel port and usb compatible. i noticed that when i read the box in the shop. i know i only want to use one of those cables. i know i don’t much want to pay for the one i don’t use. but they could have written on the outside of the box that i needed to buy a cable to go along with it. or pc world could have trained their staff to ask these questions. no, that’s hoping a bit much, but a note on the box would’ve been ever so nice.

and i did read the box in the shop. i was looking to see if there were any free paper samples in the box to save me from having to make a stab in the dark from the bewildering selection of inkjet papers in stock. it didn’t tell me that either. so i made a stab in the dark. and there were samples in the box. is listing contents so hard?