better piccies

16 May 2003

i’m going through all my photo albums and converting them to use the photopal script - it doesn’t do everything i’d like but it’s a lot closer to what i’d like than anything i feel like writing myself at the moment.

a couple of things i’d like to add on to it are the ability to set the date of albums and photos off something other than the file dates. when i download pics from my camera and to my web server they always get new dates and i’ve still got another 50 odd albums to go through and ‘touch -t’ to the right dates. that probably wouldn’t be a major annoyance if i didn’t have such a quantity of albums to jiggle with. and the other thing is i’d like an easy way to add long descriptions to photos as well as short titles. though i’ve not even added any short titles yet. and i might prefer to do long descriptions that fit in with the spiralling mass of code that runs the rest of this site.

anyway, now i like the look of things more i’m planning to sort my scotland photos from a couple of weeks ago out soon and post them.