all roads lead back here

3 June 2004

openoffice xml essentials - lots of excellent stuff about openoffice*‘s xml files. it’s proving rather useful in my quest to produce (pretty) vat invoices and other essential bits of business paperwork from the command line.

i should probably file this under ‘reasons programmers shouldn’t be let near the accounts’. one of the things i like about being part of a small business is the need to be a jack of all trades. my approach is to take all trades and make them more closely resemble the one i’m good at.

_() annoying openoffice fanatic bit: if you haven’t looked at openoffice lately and you ever do anything with mcrsft office, go and have a look, it’s a) excellent b) probably does whatever you want to do with office c) is free (as in beer and as in speech) and d) won’t put money in bill gates wallet, not that he’ll notice. plus it interoperates with microsoft office better than microsoft office interoperates with itself. you can’t ask for much more than that. _