2023 in Instagram

11 January 2024

My Best Nine Instagram photos for 2023

Instagram continues to be incredibly annoying, and this post is as much about getting data away from it as anything else. Following on from last year’s 2022 in Instagram post here are the images from my Instagram posts that got the most likes this year.

1. Folding Bikes and Narrowboats

It’s a complete surprise to me that this was the most liked post!

Original post

2. Swans at Glasson

The cygnets outliked the original Glasson Dock post, as is right and proper.

Original post

3. Lune Aqueduct

It was my birthday and I took the boat over the Lune Aqueduct at Lancaster, also there were cocktails.

Original post

4. Caterpillar Cake

It was Miranda’s 18th birthday and all she got was this lousy caterpillar.

Original post

5. Glasson Branch

We made it down the flight of six locks to the dock at Glasson.

Original post

6. Rainbow over the Lancaster Canal

Original post

7. New Brighton

I’ve barely posted anything since we moved house but these pics of New Brighton made it to Instagram.

Original post

8. Ducks & Canals

Just a weekend ambling about on the canal with ducklings.

Original post

9. First Days at School

You’ll have to click through to Instagram to see the whole thing in it’s all its glory, this is the fifteenth photo in a series, and it’s not school any more. Part of me is kind of disappointed that it only makes ninth, but also it’s more of a friends and family post than most of the others.

Original post