White Horse

by Joss Stirling

Friday, March 22, 2024

Featured image for White Horse

This is the followup to Black River and this time Jess is investigating a young woman whose mother is concerned that she’s entered a cult and gone incommunicado. Coincidentally Inspector Leo George, also from the first book, is investigating the death of another young woman who was wearing one of the cult’s robes when she died on the White Horse at Uffington. There’s a good scenic backdrop to this one.

Like the first book it’s a well written interesting plot. I really like the characters, not just the central ones but a lot of the peripheral ones were very believable as well. I didn’t have any trouble believing in the kind of cult portrayed here, like Jess I found a lot of what the cult were after quite refreshing and could see why the various different personalities here went in for it.

Though the cover of the books only bill these as the “Jess Bridges” mystery series I think it’s going to be “Bridges and George” all the way, and that is fine by me - though that’s possibly shortchanging Michael Harrison who is also involved in both books and I can’t imagine he is going away any time soon either. We find out a lot more about Leo in this book. And it ends on the kind of cliffhanger that I swear you never used to find in books but happens more and more nowadays as you get hooked into reading the next in the series. I don’t mind since I was coming back for more anyway.