Where Roses Fade

by Andrew Taylor

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Featured image for Where Roses Fade

Another wonderful episode in the Lydmouth series. If I had to fault this book it’d be to say that I’m almost more interested in the development of the relationship between Jill Francis and Richard Thornhill than I am in the mystery plot but that’s not really a complaint at all. It’s kind of like at an interview where they ask what your worst quality is and you find something to say that can be twisted to sound bad but actually puts your skills in a good light.

Plus since this book is very much centered around illegitimate relationships and births the ‘Jill and Richard’ parts of the story aren’t just a tacked on love story but an integral part of the tale. The characters really come to life for me and I can see Mattie and Violet and Bill and Malcolm running round Lydmouth as I’m reading. Also since the books are set fifty years or so ago there is the dimension of wondering what happens to the characters and the town in the time between then and now as well as wondering what will happen next in the series.