Too Many Blondes

by Lauren Henderson

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Featured image for Too Many Blondes

Right, I’m totally caught up on this series now. What impressed me most about this book was how well it was joined up to both the book before and the one after. Henderson links the series together excellently. There was even a mention in the first book of a development that doesn’t happen until the latest book. It’s stuff like this that really makes a series work and be more than it’s individual parts.

This book is set at Chalk Farm gym where Sam is supplementing her sculpting by working as a part time weights instructor. The place and the politics worked for me where some of the characters didn’t quite work. The plot’s quite decent though I think mystery resolution is work outable but that might be because I’ve read the later books and a bit of quick thinking led me to pick one of the less likely suspects here and come out right.

Good stuff though not as good these books get later in the series.