This Must Be the Place

by Maggie O'Farrell

Sunday, May 6, 2018

An utterly fab book. Each chapter skips around to a different character, a different time, a different place. The sort of device I adore. Sometimes you know what tragedies are ahead of the characters before they do, sometimes you hope things we be resolved differently. It all revolves around the life of a reclusive movie star, but spreads out in all directions. You could end up feeling that it was all spread too thinly but instead I just wanted to know more about some of the minor characters who barely got mentioned. Just more please.

The bit that really made it marvellous was that the chapters skipping around to different characters/times/places were all so distinctly different. Lots of different ways of telling the story - of digging into a character’s personal archives - were embraced which made you want to read on just to see the ‘how’ of the story as well as the ‘what’.