The Great Deceiver

by Elly Griffiths

Monday, February 5, 2024

Featured image for The Great Deceiver

When I read The Midnight Hour I mentioned that this was one of my favourite new series in the last few years. And it’s still providing plenty of entertainment. It’s maybe getting a tad too cozy between the characters but since the interpersonal relationships are one of the things I like and the series might otherwise fall apart I can see why things are going in the way that they are.

On the whole though it’s an entertaining murder mystery that begins when the assistant to the “Great Deceiver” magician is found dead in a Brighton boarding house. The stories are dealing nicely with the demise of variety theatre since the first episode in the series which was set in 1950, along with other changes in society. We’re in 1966 now and the book is a little heavy handed with foreshadowing things that the reader knows well. Not just characters commenting that England will no doubt be terrible in the World Cup but pondering future advances in forensics as well.

I suspect that if I examine the plot too closely it’ll fall apart so I’ve learnt not to do that with Elly Griffiths’ books. I’m here for the ride and I hope there is more to come.