The Cavalier in White

by Marcia Muller

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Featured image for The Cavalier in White

Oh it’s fun picking up an author you love but haven’t read much of for ages. I devoured all the Sharon McCone stories years ago and also read the three Elena Oliverez books but I only read one of the Joanna Stark mysteries. The one I read was the third of three and I didn’t much enjoy it at the time. This is the first of those stories and it’s not as good as a McCone and there are bits of the San Francisco/stolen painting plot that I find a bit weak but I did really enjoy curling up with the book and whizzing through it and meeting a new character of Muller’s.

My plan is to get hold of the second book in the series and then reread Dark Star to see what I think second time around. I think these books might make more sense as a trilogy than as one offs.