The Barred Window

by Andrew Taylor

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Featured image for The Barred Window

Riding on the back of Taylor’s recent successes (Richard & Judy books and TV adaptions) his publishers seem to have decided to reprint a couple of his old books. Which is good news for me as I’ve been hunting round second hand bookshops for his books for the past couple of years.

I loved this story. There’s a quote on the back cover comparing it to Daphne du Maurier which isn’t far off the mark. It’s a very moody sort of story with an odd narrator, Thomas Penmarsh, who has lived all his life in the same house. He tells of his childhood with his cousin Esmond whilst in the present day he & Esmond are preparing for a visit from his daughter Alice. The story unfolds very slowly and atmospherically with some very sinister twists.

Highly recommended.