The Acceptance World (A Dance to the Music of Time #3)

by Anthony Powell

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Featured image for The Acceptance World (A Dance to the Music of Time #3)

I’m losing faith with my commitment to read this series. For the most part this one bored the pants off me. Our hero has finally committed to a girl (I think), and perhaps that might turn out to be an interesting relationship. In the previous two books I’ve thought that some of the background characters were more interesting than the ones in the foreground. Here though, one of the more interesting background characters stepped into the spotlight and proved himself deathly dull as well, so I don’t hold out much hope for an interesting relationship with the girl. If she gets upgraded to wife I expect she’ll never be mentioned again. It noted that the characters said they were “nearing thirty” at some point and I was amazed, in my head I still had them down as just out of college. I’m not sure whether to carry on since I’m finding the characters more rather than less juvenile over time! Still kind of curious though.