Scaredy Cat

by Mark Billingham

Sunday, November 30, 2003

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Excellent second in the series. Will write more about it later…

Ooops, I forgot to get back to this later. Thoroughly good tale though. After how cleverly narrated everything in Sleepyhead was I thought maybe Billingham couldn’t pull something as good off again, but I think he actually managed to do something better this time. This story was less about suspense but it still did the suspense of not knowing quite who the villain was until the author chose to reveal him. I liked Thorne more in this book too I think, though I’m worried he’s going to be one of those detectives who can’t reasonably sustain a series because he’s trying too hard to lose his job in every book. I also thought there were some great supporting characters on the police side of the book too. That’s about all I can remember wanting to say about this book for now! Must remember to write my thoughts down promptly, they’re so damned ethereal sometimes.