by Denise Mina

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

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I’m finding it hard to say very much about this book without giving the game away.

It’s great to see an author writing a genuine trilogy, not a series that runs out of steam after three books, or a series that goes on and on after it ought to have run out of steam, but a real story that takes three books to tell and each book is a separate (and good) story in itself.

To talk very much about the plot in this book would require spoiling the first two books to a degree (and that’s exactly what the blurb on the back cover does). Don’t even think of reading this book by itself, series order matters here, go and read Garnethill and Exile first.

The worst I can say of this third volume is that some parts of the story that aren’t related to the story arc of the trilogy are a bit weak in themselves but the rest is wonderful and Mina knows how to end a book.

I waited expectantly this book to come out in paperback (have to have matching sets on the shelves you know), but whatever Denise Mina comes up with next will be a must buy hardback for me.