by Rachel Joyce

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Featured image for Perfect

Wow, I completely loved this book. It starts out as a fairly ordinary seeming story about a couple of over-imaginative schoolboys in the early 1970s with much overuse of era-setting proper nouns; a typical breakfast dialogue: “Drink up your Sunquick.”, “Please could you pass me the Sugar Stars?“. And then it intertwines with the present day story of an older man who lives in an immovable campervan and works clearing tables wearing an orange hat in a supermarket café. And then somehow it all swims together and becomes greater than the sum of its parts. It grew on me a lot whilst I was reading, every twist in the story seemed to make it better. Both stories are carefully and sympathetically told and I didn’t want either strand to end for fear of bad things happening to the characters afterwards. A book that could quite possibly make you look at the world around you and the people in it in a whole new light, it has for me anyway.