Oxford Shift (Kate Ivory, #7)

by Veronica Stallwood

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Featured image for Oxford Shift (Kate Ivory, #7)

As I read this I had a growing feeling that I’d read it before, but when I got to the end I think I was right in my initial assumption that I hadn’t done so. I’ve kept track of everything I’ve read since 2000 and this was published in 1999, I could have missed it out along the way but in the end I don’t think I did. I think that it was just that it contained similar devices to other mysteries and gave me a funny sense of deja vu. I rather enjoyed the trip back to the 90s which was probably my own personal golden age of mysteries, when I discovered a load of great female sleuths and devoured them. I remember Kate Ivory as being an annoying character but I enjoyed her idiosyncracies more this time and I’ll pick up the others in this series at some point, probably when I spot them in a second hand book shop.