One Good Turn

by Kate Atkinson

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Featured image for One Good Turn

Hmmm. Looking back I seem to have claimed that Case Histories was “totally fabulous” just after I read it. Which is odd because my memory of it now is that it was a good book certainly but not as bizarre as Kate Atkinson’s other books. And I like the bizarre parts (or totals, in some cases).

This however is definitely totally fabulous. I was surprised to find character reuse, but it works and this book flies off on its own tangent and never quite figures out where it’s coming from. There are numerous stories woven together inside each other and the only real problem is that the Russian doll metaphor felt a bit overworked.

I wonder if Kate Atkinson finishes up the last line of her books and then thinks “What on earth do I follow that up with?” because I certainly do. I look forward to it, whatever comes next.