Mrs de Winter

by Susan Hill

Monday, July 14, 2008

I was looking in the library for a Daphne du Maurier book to take on holiday to Fowey, as that’s her home town and I remembered from a previous visit that I’d probably be overcome with the urge to read her work while I was there and thought I’d go prepared. None of the du Mauriers in the library appealed to me but I spotted this instead and decided it would fit the bill nicely. It’s a sequel to du Maurier’s most famous book Rebecca.

This book is narrated again by Maxim de Winter’s second wife who manages not to use her own first name again and it is set a decade or so after the events at Manderley. It also covers “what happened next” to several other characters - the only one I recalled was Mrs Danvers.

Indeed I read Rebecca so long ago that I can only remember the vaguest details - but all the same I thought this was a good read and it seemed plausible enough. I’m going to go and have a look around the web and see what real du Maurier fans thought of it. I enjoyed it though which is all I want really!