Echoes of Lies

by Jo Bannister

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Featured image for Echoes of Lies

I really enjoyed Jo Bannister’s Castlemere series but I had a few reservations about trying other books by her in case I didn’t find them as interesting or gripping. I think I was wrong to be worried but I still didn’t like this as much as I do the Castlemere series.

This book is about what happens after Brodie Farrell, who runs a service called Looking for Something?, finds a conman for one of his victims but then discovers that the “conman” has been all but murdered afterwards. Missing persons aren’t really Brodie’s line of work, she spends more time finding matching glasses, lost ponies and first editions. As I expect from Bannister the characters were wonderful and the plot a bit over the top but basically sound. I enjoyed the seaside setting. I think the plot got lost a bit towards the end and wondered why things were getting dragged out for so long. There are a couple of decent twists near the end but they went on for longer than I felt that they should have done which made them seem less twist-like.

Basically a pretty good book though not as good as the Castlemere books and it doesn’t put me off trying more of the non-Castlemere books.