These are the books I've read by Margaret Forster.

How to Measure a Cow

Read April 2017

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The Unknown Bridesmaid

Read April 2013

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Travels Of Maudie Tipstaff

Featured image for Travels Of Maudie Tipstaff

Read September 2012

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Isa and May

Read October 2011

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Private Papers

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Read May 2011

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Diary of an Ordinary Woman

Read May 2009

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Is There Anything You Want?

Read October 2008

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Georgy Girl

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Read July 2008

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Hidden Lives

Featured image for Hidden Lives: A Family Memoir

Read March 2008

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Read January 2008

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Mother Can You Hear Me?

Read December 2007

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Have the Men Had Enough?

Read October 2007

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The Memory Box

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Read September 2007

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Sorry, sometimes the images can be really weird showing collections or books with similar titles. That's because I auto grabbed a lot of them and haven't double checked them yet! I'll get there.