The Five Book Club

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This list came about when I happened upon the #10Authors5BooksEach hashtag on social media. Post a list of ten authors where you've read five of their books. I knew who my most read authors were, at least since I started keeping records, and the longer I keep records the less interesting that list becomes to me. I thought a more interesting list to share would be the list of authors who I had most recently read the fifth book by.

The list gets a little awkward the further back in time you look as there are many authors I'd read books by before I began keeping these records. I'd read my fifth book by many of these authors long before the dates listed here; and of course there will be many missing authors whose books I read (or read more of) in the twentieth century.

You can find the whole list of books and authors I've read this century here, I haven't got a version sorted by the authors I've read the most of though.

Up and coming

And since the decision to draw the line at five books is rather arbitrary anyway, why not see who is almost there? Here are the authors I've read exactly four books by, some of them would be in my club if I'd started keeping records sooner, and others might join soon!

And just to round things off there are 46 authors I've read exactly three books by, 77 authors I've read two books by, and 344 authors where I've just read a single book they wrote.