October Baking

At the end of September, despite forgetting to count up the baking project as I went along I had managed to get to 38 bakes out of a planned 52.

  1. Apple CakeApple Cake
    This was the point where the project nearly fell apart with me starting to forget to take photos of things. If I bake and don’t take a photograph, did the bake exist? This is a photo of almost the last bite of a cake made with some windfall cooking apples.
  2. Science Biscuits IIScience Biscuits
    I couldn’t resist these periodic table style biscuit cutters when I saw them, the biscuits I made with them were very ordinary though. Not even everyday ordinary, just not right nice.

Oh dear, only 40/52 at the end of October! Can I catch up from here…

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