September Baking

My project to bake 52 things in 2013 got stalled in August when jam and ice cream took over – I don’t think either of them quite count as baking somehow. Besides I don’t have photos. I got back with the baking in September.

  1. Coconut MacaroonsCoconut Macaroons
    I used to love these as a kid, did we have them at school lunches on rare days or am I misremembering? They are still good. There is something magic about baking that has to be stuck to rice paper.
  2. Bakewell Tart IIBakewell Tart
    This began as something else in a pastry case, with a bit of jam and a topping. By the time I’d added lots of ground almonds and changed the recipe I had pretty much reinvented the bakewell tart (like the proper version from Bakewell, not the iced shop version).
  3. New York Cheesecake IINew York Cheesecake With cinnamon blueberries on the top. I made this when my brother was visiting so I wouldn’t have to eat the whole thing myself, but there wouldn’t be so many people that I wouldn’t get to eat nearly the whole thing myself. Takes careful planning, this baking lark.
  4. Lemon MacaroonsLemon Macaroons
    I was using up the egg whites from my first lot of egg custard based ice cream here. Practically forced to make macaroons.
  5. Pistachio MacaroonsPistachio Macaroons
    Also using up egg whites from ice cream making. Most of them got eaten before I got the photo taken. Not all by me.

That’s 38/52, only just slightly behind schedule. The project is looking good!

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