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Miranda’s Monster

In miranda on September 27, 2012

Here’s Miranda and some of her classmates reading out their monster stories on their class blog. This is what she’s reading:

Miranda Monster Spikymouth Writing

But the audio is much more fun!


Miranda’s Gerbils

In miranda on September 22, 2012

Still unnamed! (My choice: Mo & Jess; Darren’s choice: Frantic Fran & Mellow Mel; Miranda still contemplating: “the black one” & “the brown one”!)


miranda at 150 words

In miranda on November 7, 2006

an insight into the life of a 20 month old, as revealed by her 150 word vocabulary:

aeroplane, apple, baaa, baby, bag, ball, balloon, banana, bang, bath, beach, beans, bear, bed, bedtime, bee, beebies (for cbeebies), bird, blue, boat, bob (for bob the builder), boing, boo, book, boots, bounce, box, bread, bruise, bubbles, bum, bus, butterfly, bye-bye, bzzzz, cake, car, cat, chair, change, cheese, chicken, chocolate, circle, clock, coat, cold, cup, daddy, dark, dazzles (for razzledazzle), dig, dirty, dog, doing, down, eyes, fall down, fish, flowers, football, goal, gone, got, gran, grandad, green, hands, hat, hen, horsey, hot, house, hurray, juice, kick, knee, light, milk, mommy, monkey, moo, moon, more, mouth, mucky, mushroom, naughty, ni-night, no, nose, nursery, one, orange, outside, paper, peas, pencil, pennies, peppa, plate, poo, pop, postman pat, potty, purple, quack quack, raining, ready, red, road, sam (for firemen in general not just fireman sam), sauce, sausage, seaside, shoes, shower, sky, sleep, slide, socks, soon, sore, square, stairs, star, sun, sweet, tea, teatime, tea towel, teddy, teeth, tights, toast, tomato, towel, train, tree, tumble (for mr. tumble), two, up, wash, water, weeble, wood, yellow, yes, yoghurt, zan

i’ve been trying to write them all down for a few days. no doubt there are some i’ve missed. there are plenty more things she says when she repeats them after us, or snatches of songs that she sings (“round and round all day long!”), but these are all words she comes up with by herself without prompting.


Reading in Bed

In miranda,more photos on October 2, 2006

Reading in Bed

Originally uploaded by k1rsty.

I took this pic this afternoon when Miranda had fallen asleep for her nap.

This evening she picked up a board book Poppy Cat’s Farm on the way to bed and had a total fit when I tried to put the book in her cot for morning and give her a teddy bear to hug instead. The result of which was that she’s fallen asleep this evening hugging a book.

Bibliophilic tendencies are fine by me.


Monosyllabic Miranda

In miranda on August 3, 2006

(Almost) everything is monosyllabic with Miranda at the moment (she’s 17 months). Or not even monosyllabic, just the beginnings of things. We have

  • ba = ball
  • ba = balloon
  • ba = bath
  • ba = bag
  • do = dog
  • do = dolly
  • dow = down!
  • wa = water
  • wa = watch!
  • wa = warm (possibly)
  • ho = hot hot hot (in big cook little cook style)
  • tih! toh! = tick tock
  • so = socks
  • su = shoes
  • su = sun
  • sa = sand
  • so = sore

other fuller words/phrases:

  • dadda (not always daddy)
  • momma (rarely for mommy)
  • gramma (for grandma enid)
  • all gone! (favourite phrase for ages now)
  • more!
  • no! (very definite about this one all of a sudden!)
  • yeah, yeah, yeah
  • gone!
  • where’s it gone?
  • is there!
  • woh! tuh! (pause where ‘three’ should be.) (then she jumps, or whatever.)
  • nee nah! (= ride on car, it’s red – i think we’re getting muddled up with fire engines in books)
  • here-za! (=here’s zan (one of the cats))
  • here-he-ih (=here he is, for peppa, the other cat)
  • ickle ickle ickle (=tickle)
  • ro ro (= row row row your boat or round and round the garden)


purple cardy

In knitting,miranda on April 5, 2005

miranda's cardy!

grow your own knitwear model :-) here’s one i made earlier. the purple cardigan was actually finished before she was born.


a long story

In miranda on March 30, 2005

in between climbing the learning curve of new parenthood and sitting about feeding the bottomless pit that is miranda i did write something up during march: miranda’s birth. it’s very long and involved. i wrote it more for myself than anything else really. so, read at your own risk.



In miranda on February 28, 2005


Our daughter Miranda was born at 0947GMT on 24th February 2005 by Caesarean section. She weighed 2.86kg or 6lb 5oz and was 54cm long.

More details to come! For now go and see the pics! It’s hard typing one handed because the most beautiful girl in the world is asleep on your shoulder!

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