Quick Clips

This is an interesting database of Covid superspreading events. 20201027

24 hour magical mathematical YouTube show. Looks like fun! 20201027

A tale of two plagues. 20201026

It’s like a strange variation of the Turing Test but I have no idea whether this story about the president of the United States’ Twitter password being “maga2020” is a satirical news story or not. 20201023

You can control the sky laser light show! Fab idea, I wish I had an excuse to go to Leeds and play. 20201023

Timepage: my new favourite iOS calendar app. 20201022

The fascinating story of how the author of “How to Lie with Statistics” got involved with doing just that for the tobacco industry. 20201021

I can understand the residents of Asbestos, Quebec wanting a new town name, I really needed to know more about how they decided upon “Val-des-Sources”! 20201020

I once went looking for the Coventry Street of the Monopoly Board with the aid of the London A-Z, we reckoned Covent Garden was a decent replacement but this is probably a better set of replacements. 20201019

“Celebrated Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos creates vibrant, often monumental sculpture, using fabric, needlework and crochet alongside everyday objects from saucepans to wheel hubs.” 20201019

Mechanica – board game with jigsaw factories and robot vacuum cleaners. Utterly delightful. 20201018

Visit the Biden HQ Animal Crossing Island 🙂 20201016

AwShuX – this weekend’s online board game convention. 20201016

“an attempt to create a pedestrian highway system, a slow alternative to our main roads and motorways.” excellent idea! 20201016

“every number is a potential friend rather than a traitor waiting to be exposed.“ 20201015

The Spreadsheet News Network reporting on last week’s Excel debacle. 20201014

“Flights to nowhere” – I do not understand why people want the plane experience without the going somewhere experience! 20201013

I want pockets everywhere all the time. I am not weird, everybody wants pockets. Apart from over 60s in their pyjamas apparently. 20201013

I don’t think I’ve ever made butterscotch Angel Delight in my own Kenwood Chef! (Made it a squillion times in my mum’s as a child though.) 20201011

I confess I’ve dismissed KonMari out of hand as not for me, but Daniel’s take on it has me interested. 20201010

I rather hoped the government careers quiz would tell me to retrain as a lighthouse keeper…. 20201009
tagged: careers guardian quiz

…but I think the issue is when it funnels you into choosing an industry at the end. If I pick “sports & leisure” my only choice is “cinema projectionist”. If I pick science or IT I get perfectly sensible selection of career options for introverts. 20201009
tagged: careers gov.uk quiz

… but also, it doesn’t change the fact that telling the entire music industry to “find new opportunities” is utter bollocks. 20201009

Ooh, this article gives me ideas for making cycling routes that cover every lane round here. 20201007
tagged: cycling maps r

Swatch, another game backed on Kickstarter for when we can get back together board gaming again one day. 20201006
tagged: board games kickstarter scott james

“It’s better to be a poor pupil in a rich country than the reverse.” Intriguing kinks on the graph indicating that richer pupils with do worse in some countries though. 20201005
tagged: economist school statistics

Have we reached peak-dumb on this pandemic yet? PHE discover Excel isn’t a good place for oodles of data. Who knew? (Spoiler: Many other people, including me & probably you.) 20201005
tagged: coronavirus excel phe

“pay at least as much attention to the air you breathe as you do to sanitizing surfaces and your hands” 20201004
tagged: air coronavirus facemasks

I feel rather icky wishing anyone ill, but Trump’s response to Clinton’s campaign trail pneumonia sets me right again. 20201003
tagged: clinton coronavirus trump

Among other interesting insights here: are we doing track n trace backwards? 20201002
tagged: atlantic coronavirus

Paul Stephenson: the hero who refused to leave a pub – and helped desegregate Britain 20201002
tagged: blm guardian paul stephenson

Just testing. There’s lots of broken bits if you dive into the old content on nocto, it might get fixed up sometime. 20201001
tagged: meta nocto

The penultimate installment of the patterns for my 2020 knitted mystery blanket are out! I’m still finishing off September’s knitting though. One square to go. 20201001
tagged: debbie abrahams knitting mystery blanket

We’re looking forward to Streets, new board game from Haakon Hoel Gaarder. 20201001
tagged: board games kickstarter

Cosmic Cruiser, best Lego set ever. 20201001
tagged: lego space

So, I published one blog post and then hastily redesigned the site… see you in a couple of years probably 😀 20200930
tagged: meta nocto redesign

The source of coronavirus stats that I keep returning to. 20200930
tagged: coronavirus ft statistics