yearly book roundup

18 January 2006

update to last year’s book roundup post:

  • in 2005 i read 20 books i bought in 2005.
  • in 2005 i read 4 books i bought in 2004.
  • in 2005 i read 0 books i bought in 2003.
  • in 2005 i read 2 books i bought in 2002.
  • in 2005 i read 1 books i bought in 2001.
  • in 2005 i read 1 books i bought in 2000.
  • in 2005 i read 18 books i hadn’t bought at all.

i bought less books than ever in 2005, just 20 of them, and read the lot! go, me!

reading resolutions for the year before last (read books as i buy them, borrow more books) have been kept to again and last years resolution was simply to manage to keep reading and i think i kept to that pretty well. this year i’d like to read more non-fiction, though i did read quite a lot more than recently last year with 8 non-fiction reads on my list of 46 books (17%), non-fiction also suffers from not being the kind of book i log when it’s a dip-in and not a cover-to-cover kind of read..