transit of venus

7 June 2004

tha last transit of venus visible from the uk was in 1283, and the next one after tomorrows will be in 2117. (viewable from other places the dates are 1882 and 2012). the details on tomorrow’s transit:

The Venus transit of 8 June begins shortly after sunrise at about 6.20 BST, when the Sun will be about 12 degrees above the eastern horizon. It will take about 20 minutes from ‘first contact’ until the planet is fully silhouetted against the Sun, roughly at the ‘8 o’clock’ position’. It will then cut a diagonal path across the southern part of the Sun. Mid-transit is at about 9.22 BST.

Venus begins to leave the Sun near the ‘5 o’clock’ position at about 12.04 BST and the transit will be completely over around 12.24. Timings differ by a few seconds for different latitudes, but clouds permitting, the transit will be visible from any place where the Sun is up, including the whole of the UK and almost all of Europe.

further stuff from the open and central lancashire universities.

warning: don’t look at the sun!! there seem to be plenty of webcasts about from all over europe and asia, very helpful on a cloudy day. everytime i want to look at something in the sky it’s cloudy here.