strange trees

18 November 2002

the past couple of months of playing amateur genealogist have been fun and i’m well aware that half the fun is in the research. i just like crawling through microfiche and microfilm and dusty volumes in the library and it’s good to have a reason to do so. i’ve been enjoying putting darren’s family tree together too, it’s good to find the right pieces to slot together even if the people aren’t your own relations. so i can understand finding someone else’s family fun to research but these trees take the biscuit for the bizarrest thing i’ve seen in genealogy so far.


  • BORN: 1 AM, Garden of Eden

  • DIED: 931 AM,

  • BURIED: aft 931 AM, Cave of Treasures


        1. Jesus the CHRIST “Nazarene”

      • CHILDREN:
         though i haven't yet discovered where the links between them are supposed to be this tree also contains most of thenglish monarchy]( and it's author appears to sincerely believe that her "[genealogy goes k to adam](". 
         whilst i know that there are an awful lot of people related to the monarchy in one distant way or another and that the archs of england have a habit of believing themselves chosen by god (but not as far as i'm aware descended from god) mostly i'm just t for words. 
         [found via [jessamyn](]