rss via nntp

27 March 2003

i’ve had an rss feed for centuries and have watched other people talking[*] about how useful rss readers are for keeping up with weblogs but i just couldn’t be bothered to install another piece of software to clutter my desktop up with. i’ve just installed nntp//rss and so far i think it’s ace. it lets you read feeds via your regular usenet newsreader, no need to add another piece of software into your life. great stuff.

[found via dive into mark]

[*]i tried to change that to “listened to other people talking” but for the most part i’ve never heard these people’s voices. i tried to change that to “watched other people writing” but that doesn’t make sense to me either. the act of reading weblogs feels more like “watching people talking” to me than anything else no matter how nonsensical it sounds.