panoramic scotland

20 April 2004

i seem to have become incapable of taking standard 4x3 photos so here’s a round up of panoramas. some files are rather big (all less than half a meg, most a couple of hundred kilobytes) and many feature some rather dodgy joins but i like them that way.

we started off in fife where the only (panoramic) photo i took was a rather odd shot of the windmill and saltpans at st monans. the saltpans used to be filled full of sea water and boiled away to produce sea salt. the windmill was a pump to get the water up from the sea.

on the drive up to out next stop at ballater i took a couple of views from cairn o’ mount this one and another one. we went to see tomnaverie stone circle and watched the

river dee go by at ballater. the views at linn o’ dee near braemar are spectacular. this is a

vertical view with the snowy cairngorms in the background and this montage shows that when i ask darren

’are you going to get out of my panorama or what?’ the answer is most likely to be ‘what’.

we looked around glenbuchat castle on the way up to the coast where we stayed at


this is the lossiemouth beach and the

view from prospect terrace. in elgin i found

maryhill house, formerly maryhill maternity hospital, my birth place. nice place to be born!

then we headed up to our last stop on the black isle. we saw rosemarkie beach then

   [the sun came out]( at cromarty and we walked up to south sutor point. my favourite of all these pictures is the view of 

   [north sutor point]( from the path. this is the [view from the top]( of south sutor point and this is the view [looking back to cromarty]( on the way down (cromarty's the tiny place on the peninsula between the foreground and the oil platform, it looks tiny, it's not much bigger really). 

   we looked for dolphins at [chanonry point]( but went home disappointed.  i took

yet another view of cromarty, one in the evening and

   [another at sunset](

   then i took a final shot to prove that [even oil platforms are pretty by night](

[all images are archived on my panorama page.]