OS Grid Squares

4 February 2021

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This post from Diamond Geezer is exactly my kind of stamp collecting, lockdown or not. How many OS grid squares have I visited, slept in or lived in?

I’ve lived in: NJ, NZ, SE, SJ, SO, ST, SU, TQ, SY and TV. (10)

I’ve slept in: NH, NO, NS, NT, NU, NY, SD, TA, SH, SK, TF, TG, SN, SP, TL, SS, SW, SX and SZ. (19)

I’ve been to: ND, NG, NM, NN, SM and TR. (6) I think I may have slept in NG as a child.

I’ve not been to: HP, HT, HU, HW, HX, HY, HZ, NA, NB, NC, NF, NK, NL, NR, NW, NX, OV, SC, TM, SR and SV. (21) Though I think I’ve been to NK and TM as a child but am not 100% certain.

That was fun to think through. When travelling becomes a thing again I need more visits to Scotland, I need to stay over in Kent, explore Essex and go for a walk down the beach below Ravenscar to pick up the only O square!